50Façade installed in Sweden has lasted for 50 years
40percent lower heating bills compared to the previous instalment
300+housing associations have chosen Marmoroc instead of plaster
26colours that can be combined upon request

Marmoroc Brick

is similar to Nordic but the material is ceramic. Marmoroc Brick dimensions and colour range are significantly larger.
Stone height is 200 mm or 300 mm and the length is 400 mm – 1 m. Most commonly used stones are 200 × 400…600 or 300 × 600. Stone façade has air gaps that ventilate efficiently

These stone façades are made of clay which is heated up to 1200 degrees (Celsius). This makes them highly weatherproof.
The surface of Brick tiles is smooth and you can choose among matte, light gloss, or glazed surfaces. Stones are available in different sizes, colours, and textures upon request.
Stones are attached to galvanized and black-painted steel mounting rails.
Individual stones can be easily replaced if they are damaged.

Length: 300 – 1 500 mm

Surface area requirement: approx. 44 – 50 mm with mounting rail and 20 mm ventilation space
Stone weight varies between 32 – 43 kg / m2

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