50Façade installed in Sweden has lasted for 50 years
40percent lower heating bills compared to the previous instalment
300+housing associations have chosen Marmoroc instead of plaster
26colours that can be combined upon request


As is well known, additional heat insulated façades require regular maintenance. Thus, the installation instructions for synthetic plaster state that the protective layer of plaster should be renewed approximately every 7 years, i.e. cleaned and repainted, which ensures its preservation for many years. It is a quite cumbersome and expensive endeavour – but it is inevitable. In this case, costs per m2 range from 15 – 25 EUR.

In the case of a Marmoroc façade, it is sufficient to clean the façade with a pressure washer. In December 2015, 10 years ago, we performed cleaning services for a Marmoroc façade installed in an five-story apartment building in Keila, Pae 4. For this work we used a Dino aerial work platform and a pressure washer. Dirtier areas were washed simply with harder pressure or by standing closer. The result was brilliant. The house looked like new and it only cost about 1 EUR / m2.

Therefore, when choosing façade insulation, it is definitely worth thinking about how the chosen insulation system behaves over a longer period, what periodic maintenance it needs, and what costs this entails for the apartment association.

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