50Façade installed in Sweden has lasted for 50 years
40percent lower heating bills compared to the previous instalment
300+housing associations have chosen Marmoroc instead of plaster
26colours that can be combined upon request

Heat insulation of private houses


Why is marmoroc additional heat insulation a very good choice?

Marmoroc is light, thin, and strong stone façade. It can be installed in any season and allows you to build a façade quickly and rationally. Marmoroc is storm and weather resistant and has efficiently ventilating air gaps. If additional insulation is required, Marmoroc is perfect for exterior wall cladding. Marmoroc façade system technology has proven itself in many countries for over 50 years.

A useful feature of Marmoroc is the ability to remove and reload any surface at any time. This allows the material to be used repeatedly when remodelling: changing gaps, etc. It is also possible to hide pipes and cables behind the coating later on. Marmoroc is a valuable material for those who want to do repair work themselves.

Marmoroc is the most durable façade - meaning less maintenance for you over the next 30 years.


The mounting rail is fixed vertically to the wall with screws. Marmoroc is laid loose on the mounting rail without the use of glue, mortar, or nails. Façade installation starts from the outer corner.

When installing on a wall, start with the two outer corners, then move from the outer corners to the centre of the wall, where the façade stones are cut to a suitable length.

It is recommended to make a continuation path below and above the gaps and not through the intact wall. Additional heat insulation of a building’s façade with wool requires wooden tracks as base frame, which is attached to the wall with squares.

It is essential to use a windbreak for additional heat insulation, as Marmoroc does not have windbreak properties. Stone façade damage can be easily replaced in the wall.

Ruukki’s colours are available when covering window panes with tin sheet; Erek uses Pural coated tin sheet.

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Marmoroc can be installed in any season and allows you to build a façade quickly and efficiently

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