50Façade installed in Sweden has lasted for 50 years
40percent lower heating bills compared to the previous instalment
300+housing associations have chosen Marmoroc instead of plaster
26colours that can be combined upon request

General contracting for the heat insulation of buildings

By offering a general contract, we can make sure your house gets the best, most complete solution

The easiest solution for apartment associations is to carry out complex reconstruction with one specific general contractor. This means that one company is responsible for all work (façade, ventilation, window replacement, roof, heating system, etc.). This ensures smooth and fast communication.

A general contractor will arrange for all work on the project to be completed and will set a timetable for when the work will be carried out. A general contractor is a specialist, making the work of the apartment association also easier.

In general the board of an apartment association consists of people who work in a field other than construction on a daily basis. Therefore, it is very difficult for apartment associations to find a different company for different construction works themselves, because they simply do not have sufficient knowledge in the field of construction. Or, if you find different construction companies yourself, the apartment association has an obligation to plan the entire workflow. This means full-time work that is not usually possible for members of an apartment association.

Here is where we can help.


We started installing Marmoroc façade cladding system on the Estonian market 30 years ago; now we also offer general contracting to apartment associations upon request. As a general contractor, we take over all construction works, i.e. we are responsible for the reconstruction of façade, roof, heating, drinking water, ventilation, etc. Communicating with one party makes your life much easier.

During the façade works, we will install Marmoroc façade cladding on the building. Its advantage over other façade coatings is that Marmoroc is a maintenance-free façade coating. Plaster maintenance costs are about 25 € / square meter every 5-7 years, but in the case of Marmoroc façade coating this cost does not exist. You install once and continue worry-free. During reconstruction of an old house, it must be taken into account that at least 150 mm of heat insulation should be added (if the house has not been heat insulated at all previously). This gives the house better heat insulation, which gives an “immediate” reduction in heating costs (in our experience up to 40-50%).

In the case of façade work, ventilation should never be forgotten. As there is no longer any natural ventilation, it must be ensured that fresh air enters the house. There are two types of ventilation systems – exhaust ventilation and heat recovery ventilation. The biggest difference between the two systems is that in heat recovery ventilation, the outbound air is collected, which is then filtered and added to the incoming air. This will significantly reduce heating costs. No such process takes place in exhaust ventilation. In addition, it is necessary to use heat recovery ventilation to receive Kredex maximum funding.

If most house windows have not been replaced, then it would definitely be worthwhile to add window replacement to the project and do this together with façade heat insulation. It is wise to raise the windows to the level of heat insulation – this minimizes the formation of thermal bridges and gives the maximum result during heat insulation. In addition, a thermal bridge can cause mould.

And the last, but certainly not insignificant part: it is definitely worth doing heating, drinking water, and sewerage work. Since most apartment buildings are almost 50 years old, pipe systems are either rusted or clogged. They are often the cause of leaks or the fact that radiators do not heat up. Secondly, it is wise to do drinking water and sewerage work together, as the routes usually run in the same shaft.

Our experience has shown that a complete reconstruction pays off quite quickly in the case of apartment associations – in general, about 40-50% reduction in heating costs.

What our clients are saying

At the beginning of 2012, we drove around keeping in mind the renovation plan and looked more closely at renovated houses to find out the pros and cons. The result was dissatisfaction.

After a few years, paint on plastered houses fades, and cracks, there is water and vandalism damage, etc. The conclusion is that the need for maintenance arises relatively quickly and requires new money. The repayment of a loan related to renovations will take 15-20 years. An additional loan for residents would be too much.

In the magazine "Elamu", I guess in a 2011 issue, there was a long and thorough article on the Marmoroc façade stone, and it attracted attention.

Really it was the best solution. The stone is beautiful and colourful, and the colour range is big; it is durable, does not require any maintenance and additional financing, and lasts for decades. If something happens to a stone, replacing it with a new one is a breeze and does not take even a minute. Our house’s façade was completed in 2012 around Christmas, and I have so far replaced 4-5 stones.

We were so-called “first-timers” in Viljandi at that time, but now there are already 10 apartment buildings with Marmoroc cladding - each more beautiful than the last.

Over time, my plastic façade had gathered all sorts of "green" and looked dirty and ugly. Here and there, as a result of different human activities, there were holes in the walls that could not be patched up, and the replacement of the whole panel required the dismantling of the wall with the hole.

Over the course of ten years, Marmoroc has also collected "green" on itself and in the joints, but unlike plastic, Marmoroc does not look dirty and ugly and has retained its original nice appearance.

In addition, replacing a broken Marmoroc stone is simple and only takes few minutes.

Our first goal was to get acquainted with the company's background, search for objects insulated by you, and get feedback from the owners of the objects about both the work done and the company's executive board.
As the answers received from all objects were very positive, our Management Board made a definite decision to choose EREK OÜ for façade heat insulation.

This choice was very right: a brigade of good workers worked on the site, work went smoothly, and the construction site had constant company control; a review of the work was done and the construction contract’s terms were met.

The right façade’s heat insulation together with the replacement of the old heating system reduced heating costs by 50%. This is a very good result.

Both the executive board and residents of the house are very satisfied with the decision made so far.

Our house was renovated in 2016-2017. When choosing the exterior finish, we looked at both plaster and tile finishes. We discussed and considered until Marmoroc ads reached us. Marmoroc - strong, weather-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free, all for a very long time. The neighbouring house became our reference point - truth meets the eye and, in addition to the above, we saw from this house that this stone is also very beautiful. About the slogans - it's too early to tell, but for now we're happy.

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