50Façade installed in Sweden has lasted for 50 years
40percent lower heating bills compared to the previous instalment
300+housing associations have chosen Marmoroc instead of plaster
26colours that can be combined upon request

House façade heat insulation

marmoroc-baltic fassaad

How does wall heat insulation save money?

The main effect come from reduced heating costs. Heat insulation of the Marmoroc façades together with the renewal of the heating systems reduces 40% of heat energy in buildings. Savings are greater than the repayment of the loan taken, so the earlier the heat insulation work is carried out, the more profitable it will be and the less money will be burned.

Marmoroc is certainly the longest-lasting façade cladding on the market today because it is made from concrete. Houses heat-insulated in Sweden up to 50 years ago and covered with Marmoroc do not require maintenance. The service life of concrete is over 100 years.

Your apartment price will increase – a higher price is offered on the market for an apartment building or house covered with Marmoroc façade then compared to for example buildings covered with synthetic plaster.


What makes marmoroc the best choice for façade heat insulation?

So far, duration and need for maintenance of the new façade have been overlooked in all discussions and articles. Seeing only the installation price does not provide a full picture of the total long-run cost. Marmoroc façade system guarantees you a carefree life for fifty years, as you do not have to do expenses during that period (see the photo of the façade installed in 1974 – photo taken in 2009). You can read the instructions of a recognized company about the maintenance of the plaster system here.

Another important thing is the humidity of the walls. To prevent accumulation of moisture inside the outer wall, moisture permeability of different layers should decrease by moving outwards. Marmoroc system uses mineral wool – it does not stop moisture. The frame creates a necessary ventilation chamber, through which the moisture can easily escape from the building. Thus, the situation is achieved that the building is heat insulated, the appearance is tidy, but the wall moisture level has not decreased.

eramajade fassaad

Very easy to install façade covering system.

Installing Marmoroc is like assembling a puzzle or a Lego. All pieces are sequentially attached to pre-assembled parts. Work can be carried out all year round because no glue or mortar is used. Seven easy steps and your house will be heat-insulated and will have a new appearance.

  • Squares for additional required heat insulation
  • Piles that are laid to squares
  • Mineral wool is installed between piles
  • Everything is coated with a windbreak board
  • Marmoroc mounting frame is attached to the windbreak plate
  • Marmoroc is applied to the mounting frame
  • Areas around the gaps are finished with tin sheet

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