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Marmoroc is a light, thin and robust facade stone. It can be laid in every season and it allows construction of the facade quickly and rationally. It is storm-proof and weather-resistant and has an effectively ventilating air gap. If additional thermal insulation is necessary, Marmoroc is a perfect solution for the exterior wall cladding. The thermal insulation and the facade mounting are possible at any time of the year. The Marmoroc facade system technology has proved its value in many countries for already over 40 years. Show more...

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How does the thermal insulation of walls save money?

The largest savings are gained because of the reduction of heating costs. With the renovation of heating systems, the houses save almost 40% of thermal energy. The savings are larger than the refund for the loan; therefore, the earlier the thermal insulation work is performed, the more profitable the project is – less money will be misspent.
• Marmoroc is definitely the most durable façade covering available in the markets today, since it is produced of concrete. The houses that were insulated and covered with Marmoroc in Sweden 50 years ago have not needed any maintenance until this day. The service life of concrete is over 100 years.
• The price of your apartment will rise – higher prices are offered in the market for the houses or flats in the apartment houses covered with Marmoroc façade than, for example, for the houses covered with thin-coat plaster.

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What makes Marmoroc the best choice for the thermal insulation of a façade?

Until now, no attention was paid in all discussions and articles to the durability and maintenance requirements of a new façade. But looking only at the installation price, no full picture is obtained about the total costs in a long-term perspective. The Marmoroc façade system ensures your comfortable life for fifty years, since you must bear no costs in the meantime (see the photograph of a façade installed in 1974 – the photograph is taken in 2009).
The second important aspect is the moisture regime. To prevent the gathering of water in the external wall, the moisture permeability of different layers should decrease when moving from inside to outside. Mineral wools are used in Marmoroc system – they do not hinder the penetration of moisture. The frame forms a necessary ventilation gap through which the moisture can easily escape from the building. This way a situation is achieved that the building has been insulated and its appearance fixed up, but the moisture regime has not deteriorated.

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A very easily installable façade system

The installation of Marmoroc is like putting together a puzzle or a lego. All pieces are consequently attached to the previously installed pieces. As no adhesive or mortar is used, the work can be performed year round. Seven simple steps and your house is insulated and has a new appearance.
  • Squares for a necessary additional thermal insulation.
  • Lathing supported by the squares.
  • Mineral wool is installed between the lathes.
  • Everything is covered with wind barrier boards.
  • Marmoroc installation framework is mounted onto the wind barrier boards.
  • Marmoroc is laid on the installation framework.
  • The areas around the openings are finished with sheet metal.
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